Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Savings!

Wow, I have been a HUGE slacker when it comes to my Saturday Savings posts...been so busy during the week that I haven't been able to shop until Saturday or I haven't been posting. But, this week I actually got out earlier in the week, and had a good shopping trip at Kroger's.

I bought:for $43.70. I saved $81.85!!! I bought 40 items and was quite excited that I was able to save so much, considering the sales weren't amazing this week. My favorite deals of the week are the Country Time lemonade, which is currently a $1.00 at Kroger and with the $1.50/2 you can print from my sidebar, can be bought for $.25, the Kraft dressing, which is currently $1.58, and with the $1.50/1 coupon from last weeks paper can be bought for $.08, and the soda mix and match, as I got my 5 12-packs for $7 thanks to coupons I had earlier.

Although I didn't post my deals from the previous weeks, don't forget that there are tons of good Kraft coupons out right now. If you go to my sidebar and scroll through the coupons, you'll see several Kraft coupons...such as $1.00 off BBQ, dressing and some crackers. Right now, BBQ sauce is $1.00 at Kroger...that would make it free! There are many good deals like that that can be found using the Kraft take advantage of them!

Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Since I'm still a bit overwhelmed, I thought I'd do a picture post. Enjoy these "sights around the farm"!Our handsome boy Striker, who is just about a year old now. He still has a lot of growing to do and is the biggest lovebug!

Three of our first batch of chicks. They have grown so much. Very friendly and good chicks.

Our rooster, Elvis, cock-a-doodling. He does it throughout the day, not just in the morning!

The new pup, Khloe, already growing fast and a great joy. She has a wonderful disposition.

Our handsome boy Bolt, who like his brother is just about a year. Can't wait for that winter coat to get all the way out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming up for Air...

Once again, things have been unbearably busy around here. I've barely had time to sleep or think or just relax.

Last week included a full week of subbing, and a FLOOD. Yes, a flood. The rain has been almost non-stop the last week a half. Therefore, the ground couldn't take anymore, and our backyard looked like this:
The creek that runs all along our property and is normally so low you can walk across it.

The water was rising so quickly that the place where I originally stood that was dry, was wet only a few minutes later!

And a video of the rushing water:

We actually got flooded in as the drive that leads to our driveway was flooded. The school had a 2-hour delay. Happily, none of it reached our house, but this was our first flood here.

Then, on Saturday morning I flew out to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding, where we had fun and stayed up too late. I got up very early on Sunday morning to fly back home. B met me at the airport, where we went on a short trip to pick up a new member of our family. Here she is:

Her name is Khloe, and she is a German Shepherd. We debated for a long time about whether this was a good choice for us considering the amount of pups we already have. But, we have plans for this one, that we hope will happen. She is a very well-behaved pup who never wants to leave our sides. I'm excited to have her, and the other dogs already love her. :)

This week continues to be busy. I've subbed every day so far, and thought I'd have tomorrow off until I just got called. I sub Friday too. I have only a few weeks left to be able to sub though, so I'm trying to get in as much as I can before the break. Luckily this weekend I have a break though. I'm looking forward to getting some much needed sleep...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Since March, I've been working to free our flower beds of weeds. It has been, and is, quite a task because of the amount of beds we have in our yard. Not to mention the fact that I am not well versed in plants and weeds. I know dandelions and clovers are weeds, others I am still learning.

Last year, one of the worst weeds we had was a dandelion type weed that was prickly and incredibly difficult to pull up. They were our nemesis. This year, we thought we saw them growing in March, and thought it would be good to get started on them before they got too big and prickly. I spent several hours pulling up these weeds. And there were A LOT of them!

I'll admit that over the last few weeks I've slacked a bit on the weeding. Been too tired when I've gotten home from subbing and done all the other chores I have to do. In that time, the flower beds have been overcome with the weeds (I don't know if I could have kept up even if I'd been working on them daily!). I noticed the other day that some of the weeds I'd been pulling up earlier in the spring had buds on them. Thinking this was weird, I pointed it out to B, who said they were probably still weeds, and they probably weren't flower buds.

Yesterday, M, our friend who is staying with us, pointed out one of the flowers that had been blooming recently. It is a beautiful, colorful flower and looks like this:

He proceeded to point out that all the "weeds" we had been meaning to pull out, and had already pulled out looked exactly the same as this beautiful flower...


It seems we were yanking out our Poppy plants. Unfortunately, they look a lot like dandelions and we were horribly mistaken when we thought they were weeds. This mistake only caused us to yank out a hundred or so of these flowers from our flower beds!

Seems we really need to study up on our flowers and weeds before we tear out more beautiful flowers and leave our beds full of weeds...

Monday, May 4, 2009

What Not To Wear.

I think it is time to go through my wardrobe. Why, you might ask?

Today, while subbing for a 4th grade class, one of the girls came in wearing this shirt:

A shirt I own. There seems to be something incredibly wrong with the fact that I, a 27 year-old, have the same shirt as a 9 year-old that I am teaching. Very wrong.

I'll admit that last week when I put this shirt on when heading to a doctor's appointment, I thought to myself that I was probably getting a little too old to wear shirts like this. I was kinda embarrassed while in the doctor's office, and thought seriously about getting rid of all shirts like this when I returned home. Unfortunately, I have a lot of them...they always made me laugh when I saw them in the store, and I'd buy them. But now, I think I've grown up. And if I haven't, I'd better (not always easy when it is so easy to be mistaken for being 10 years younger then I actually am...). Granted, finding clothes that fit isn't easy for me (juniors is the only department that fits...petite sometimes, but petite's are soooo expensive!), and granted, I hate getting rid of clothes until they are WORN OUT (they typically go from everyday clothes, to farm clothes, to trash), but I'd rather not be wearing the same clothes as the student's I teach.

Time to go through my drawers and add to the yard sale pile. I wonder if I'll have any shirts left? ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009


Looking for some great cereal coupons? There are a lot of $1.00 off/one Kellogg's cereal in my sidebar. $1 off/1 cereal coupons don't come out often, so I would get them while you can! Combine them with a sale and you could get cereal for a little over a $1!! Just click and print! --->
I can't believe it is May already. I feel like a broken record, continually saying that time is flying by - but it truly is! I just don't know where it has gone. This month has been so busy that I can't keep track of much. I guess I can't complain too much though. I did want to be subbing more and I finally got my wish. It is nice to be doing something with myself, regardless of how exhausting and trying it can be at times... :) But I feel more useful and as if I have a bit more of a purpose, so that has been nice for me (you'd think with all I have to do around the farm, I would feel I have a purpose, but yeah...)

Today would have been my dad's 63rd birthday. I know a lot of my posts revolve around my dad. I hope it doesn't get too tiring to read about. It amazes me that I can still miss him as much as I do. Such simple things can cause a pain in my heart. All I can say is that I truly miss his advice. I wish I knew what he thought about where I am in life. I'd love to have his knowledge around the farm here. He would be such a help to us. I miss his laughter and hugs. I miss him terribly. He was such a great person, and father.

This month will once again bring a lot of traveling and commitments. I'm really just ready for a month where we can relax, but that doesn't seem as if it will happen anytime soon. Next weekend I'm going on a very quick trip to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding...flying out Saturday morning and coming back Sunday morning. Our nephew is having a graduation party the next Saturday, and my sister gets married on the 30th. Somewhere in there we hope to have a yard sale too. Ahh. I don't even want to think about what June is bringing!

On top of everything we continue to work around the farm. I'm waiting anxiously for the weather to get a bit better so we can plant the veggie garden. Really need to get them planted!!

And of course, here is a chick picture:

What are these? More new chicks? Ah. Yeah. Haha. We are officially addicted to chicks. Haha. But this is it. I couldn't resist when I went in to a feed store the other day. In part because it seems that about 6 at the minimum of the second batch of chicks are Roos. We will probably keep one, but the others we will need to get rid of. Most likely they will be for meals. In addition, they were supposed to be mostly Barred Rocks, but the guy who sold them to us was entirely wrong. They are Black Sex Links, and some other things we don't know yet... So when I went to the feed store and saw they had Barred Rocks, I had to get a couple. I also picked up a Rhode Island Red, a Buff Orpington, and 2 Easter Eggers. The Easter Eggers are the ones that look like little balls of fluff with chipmunk markings. They are extremely cute. And now we have a big variety of chickens. All different colors, sizes and types. :)

The adventures continue!
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