Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 months old

Princess P,

You are 3 months old today. How you have grown in the past month! You have become quite the mover, learning how to roll from your back to your belly and your belly to your back (although sometimes you get stuck on your belly and need help getting rolling back over). I can't put you down on your play mat anymore without you ending up feet from where you started! Not only that, but you have gotten really good at picking your head up and scooting around on your belly by pushing your legs (even though your face is also on the ground!).

Your smiles continue to light up my day, and you never fail to give them to me or daddy when we need one. You still love to talk to us, and sometimes can be so serious when talking. It is like you have a big story to tell us, and you are trying sooo hard to get us to understand!

You figured out how to pull on your lady bug to make music, although you don't do it very often. And your hands are becoming your favorite things to suck on...which has been a nice rest for mommy and daddy's fingers. :) Although you are touching your feet, you haven't quite looked at them yet and figured out that they are there. But I sure love when you put your feet cute!

Mommy has started to wear you more and you sure do a good job. You love to look around at all the sites, but also love that you can just fall asleep on mommy if you've had too much fun. Speaking of sleep, you've started to sleep a little longer at night, but you still don't give mommy very long stretches. Maybe we can work on that this next month, since this month you did so well at getting on a schedule.

Little one, you have brought so much joy and happiness to my life. I love you so much and love seeing you grow. Being your mommy is the best thing I've ever done.

3 months old!


Aleta said...

I can see why she brings you such joy. That's a happy baby and happy babies are so beautiful! A reflection of love...

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful! I love her happy baby smile. What a little doll!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest - what a sweetie!

Tutus and Tantrumns said...

aw, what a sweet letter to her...and what a great Idea to keep record of all of it on you blog! She is adorable!

Oh, and I have a 'Princess P' too! daughters name is Peyton!

Stopping by from SITS!

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