Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7 months

Princess P,

You are 7 months old today. Time is flying!

This month you've really focused on trying to talk more. You've gotten dada and daddy down really well. You make some m sounds, and continue to say hey, and hi. I believe we even hear nanana and gaga. I'm hoping by next month you'll have mama down, but who knows.

You are crawling better then ever, and no longer feel like you have to stay in the room with mommy and daddy. Now, you just take off and go to the other room with no problem. I love the way you crawl...we can definitely hear you coming as you slap your hands down! You are cruising along the furniture with no problem and can pull yourself up like you've been doing it forever. You love to climb up and all over mom and dad, especially when it will help you reach something you want. I've seen you try and stand a few times, but you weren't able to. I'm sure you'll keep working on it though!

You love to stare at your reflection and talk to yourself and give yourself kisses. You also love to play with the remote and telephone. The animals are one of your favorite things, and they always put a smile on your face. You love to try and talk to them and pet them whenever they are around. You are going to be an animal lover just like your mommy!

Daddy thinks you are starting to get your first tooth, and I think so too. You've been biting everything you can. I'll sure miss your toothless smile if you really are getting a tooth!

We started you on solids this month, and while we haven't really given you a lot, you seem to like them. You have liked everything we've given you, and now, you will beg people for their food if you see them eating. I hope that you continue to be such a good eater!

We visited a few new places this month, went hiking and picked out your first pumpkin. You also were visited by Grandma and Aunt H, and got to meet more of daddy's family.

Our biggest struggle continues to be getting you to sleep through the night. You are nowhere near that...waking every 2 hours most nights, although sometimes I'm lucky and you sleep 4 hour stretches. It has been rough on mommy not getting a lot sleep, so she is starting to night wean you and look at ways to help you put yourself back to sleep. Hopefully when I write your next letter, sleep will no longer be an issue.

Regardless, you are the greatest joy. Your laughter and smiles are the best parts of my day. I love seeing you grow and change. I love seeing you discover new things. I love how excited you get while jumping on the couch and how you love your daddy. I'm so lucky to have you.

Love you more then words can tell.

7 months old!

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Aleta said...

7 months old already? Where has the time flown? She's beautiful!

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