Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Savings!

Wow, I can't believe another month has come and gone almost! That means it is time for the end of the month totals, and reflection on how I did. But first, here are my purchases for this week.

At CVS this week, I thought the deals were so-so. Seems they aren't offering as many opportunities to get things for "free" or better. However, I still did well with their BOGO items. Here is what I got:
for a total of $.81! I saved $16.97!! I also didn't lose any ECBs, which is nice, but I didn't gain either. I still have about $13 in ECBs left.

I must admit, that when I looked at the Kroger ad this week, I was very disappointed. I realize they just had the MEGA-sale for two weeks, and there was great savings off of that. But this week, I just didn't see much good for sale, or coupons that matched up. I didn't think I'd have a very good shopping trip. Boy was I wrong! This is what I got:

for $43.95! I saved $75.09!!! I was lucky as I started walking around the store, as I found the oatmeal for $1 (no coupons though, as I'd already used my oatmeal coupons earlier in the month). Additionally, I didn't even realize the cheese was on sale 10/$10. That means I got 6 packages of cheese for $6! I stocked up as much as I could. I don't think I'll need cheese for a while (and we like our cheese around here!). I got the Suave, the Glucerna cereals, one box of the Wheat Thins and the Johnson's Buddies soap for free. Additionally, there is a mail in rebate on the Pert Plus, and a coupon online for $1, so I should be making some money back on that.

All in all this week I spent $44.76. I saved $92.06!! Can't complain about that with what I thought was an extremely slow week deal-wise.

This month, I spent a total of $139.08 on groceries. Talk about under budget! I was helped by the use of a $25 gift card one of the weeks, but even if I added that and didn't count it as savings, I would have spent under $170 for the month. That is well below my $200 for the month goal. I think I will continue to stay at the $200 a month goal for now, as it seems reasonable, although, I may be able to cut back a little in the future. We'll see.

I saved a total of $333.07 this month (not including the gift card). That is over twice what I spent!

Additionally, I should have about $6 in Mail-in-Rebates coming back for the month.

Happy shopping everyone, let me know how it is going for you!

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KDLOST said...

WOW! i need to take tips from you. $333?! seriously all about that.

have a happy weekend!

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