Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

I am so excited that Spring has finally arrived! Look what we have outside in the flower beds!

Our first flowers are already blooming! The grass outside is almost all green! And the weather is finally enjoyable! I can go outside without a heavy coat. I can actually stand to be outside longer then a few minutes! Ahhh, I love spring!

B and I have been taking advantage of the wonderful weather that we have had the last few days. I've gotten the vegetable garden tilled and cleaned up. We've almost finished the chicken coop. We are digging up the outside faucets in order to replace them. We've been getting the oil changed in the mowers and other equipment. And of course, we are getting all our flower beds cleaned up so the new blossoms and plants can flourish. I feel like we have a million things to do this spring, but I am looking forward to most of it. On our list of things to get done (and this is just in the spring!):

-Build a new kennel for the wolfdogs
-Plant the vegetable garden
-Fix the dock (got messed up in one of the wind storms)
-Paint the dock
-Paint the deck
-Replace the outside faucets
-Have a HUGE yard sale
-Finish the kitchen (haha)
-Finish the chicken coop
-And probably many others but, I can't remember them!

I'm hoping to get started on my first ever furniture improvement project this coming week. I wanted to start this week, but spent much of my time getting our spare bedroom and bathroom ready for our friend to move in, or out in the flower beds because they needed tended to. I have no idea how this project will go, but I figured it was worth a shot to try because if I don't improve it, I'll probably just try and sell it for a few dollars at a yard sale and have to buy a new piece of furniture. I'll be sure to keep track of how it goes and do a post all about it. :)

I have a feeling next week will bring the first of the mowing. I never thought it would start so soon in the year (not complaining though because I LOVE spring!).

I hope you are all enjoying spring and the weather it is bringing. What are your spring projects?

P.S. Look at how fast the chicks are growing! Already getting tail feathers and jumping up on top of the waterer. They are still extremely scared of me and B, and I'm not thinking they will ever really "like" us. That's ok though. I don't want to get too attached! They will be big enough to head outside in a few more days!


Donn24g said...

Those EXACT same flowers just came up at Matt's house this week too!! And i took a picture just like that on my phone and sent it to my mom-- SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! I am soo excited, and it's supposed to be in the 70s again this week for us:)

Sounds like you have some great projects ahead, and the chicks are SO cute!!

ann ominous said...

your list is scarier than mine :-) good luck!

What A Card said...

Whoa, I'm jealous. It's currently 23 degrees here! Though this weekend I froze my patooties off clean out some of our flower beds, and our bulbs had just started poking up little greens, so we're probably only a few weeks behind you.

Good luck with that to-do list...YIKES! Lots of stuff, though it all sounds kind of fun :)

JK said...

Beautiful Flowers!!

You are way ahead of me on the gardening and chicken coop. Want to come help me out!?!?! :)

I love spring too!

Michelle said...

Ah, look at those baby chicks! Makes you just want to squeeze them. :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Carla said...

Those baby chicks will 'love' you when they realize you 'bring the food':)

We got the main part of the garden planted, and have just a few other things to do to have it all done (planting part anyway), I'm so pleased because a gentle rainy week is forecast for this week:) Lawnmowers have been going all week in my neighborhood, so I guess we'll have to get after the lawn this week too.

Happy Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love spring? But warmer weather does bring chores and more to do. My to-do-list is a long one too! Yikes. Good luck with the accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww!!! Chicks!!!!!!

PS I was just thinking of you and have you give your blog link to another blogger I read because she was talking about her struggles with anorexia and how it's hard not to go down that path again.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Hi. I'm finally getting around to visiting the friends who popped by during the Spring Fling. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute site - I love your header.

I'd love to start enjoying Spring here, if it will just stop snowing long enough.

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