Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!

"You can always tell it's April
By the sound of falling rain
That mystic, mournful music
As it trickles down the drain.

We're told we should be thankful
For the kiss of April showers
As it washes all the grass clean
And prepares the soil for flowers.

There's another side to April
Which doesn't bode us good,
When that mini, manic maelstrom
Turns the lawn to liquid mud."
- Thomas Vaughan Jones, O' To Be in April

I can't believe it is April already! Time just keeps going faster and faster... I do like April for the fact it does bring warmer weather, and the Easter bunny. I don't like the fact that yes, it does turn my lawn in to an absolute mess of mud. :)

April brings my mom's birthday and a bit of traveling for B and I. But, for the most part, I'm hoping for a quiet month where we can focus on getting some projects completed.

Here's hoping I don't get April Fooled this year (I did last year, will post about it at some point!).


Anonymous said...

It's definately raining here to bring in the month.

And yes, time is flying by.

John Cowart said...

Yes. April first we got three inches of rain in a couple of hours, and three more inches are expected today.

This after a long drought.

Our poor garden plants don't know what to do. A week ago I was mowing dust, now the mower would bog down in mud.

I'm told that God knows what He's doing, but sometimes I wonder.

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