Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Student: "Chris said that you have a head that is too big for your body."
Me: "Ohhh. Interesting."
Student: "Or maybe it was that your head was small and your body was large."
Me: "Was Chris one of the students who had to write his name on the board when I was there the other day?"
Student: "Yeah, he got in trouble when you were subbing for our class."
Me: "That's what I thought."

Apparently, I'm the mean sub because I hold kids accountable when they shout and curse in class. :) Since I've been subbing at the same school for the last few weeks I've gotten to know many of the students, and have been the sub for many different classes. Apparently, many of the kids think I'm mean because they got in trouble. Ha. I wonder if they think their regular teachers are mean when they get in trouble with them? :)


Blue said...

inspired entirely by your posts about subbing, i called up and activated my subbing status with my local school today. i figured for the next 5 weeks till schools out, if i'm free, i may as well do earn a little money when i can. i did it 2 school years ago pretty often, but then told the computer to stop calling me and have only done a couple days this year when my kid's school called directly and asked. i MUCH prefer junior high to elementary. so much less work! there are only 4 classes a day (they have A and B days), and one of the class periods is a teacher prep. I can handle any group for 90 minutes. and they're out at 2:00 so it's only like a half-day really.

thanks for sharing your experiences! and doing a good job with our nation's kids!

Anonymous said...

Hehe...that's funny. I think kids think all adults are mean at some point or another.

FROGGITY! said...

good for you for taking care of bidness! :)

Aleta said...

Being a mean sub is the signs of a good sub. You'll be called back, because the kids will appreciate it when the teacher is back. Lol.

Seriously though, good job. I did sub work before and it's NOT easy.

Carla said...

I so admire you for subbing, and holding the kiddos accountable. As a mother of heathens, I dreaded the 'fun' subs. And honestly, the kids do not respect them. The respect goes to the one who shows it (fun or not).
Big head equals Big brain????

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