Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Baaack!!

Ok, it has been a LONG time since I've had a real post. My life was just overwhelmingly busy. I subbed every day without a break for the last two months. We had plans every single weekend pretty much. When I'd come home after subbing, I'd do chores, and pretty much collapse, without desire to post much...so I didn't. While most of the stuff we've been up to has been pretty boring, there were two big things that happened.

The first is that my sister got married. B and I drove out to Philadelphia to attend her wedding. It was a very different wedding. They had no attendants. The ceremony was kinda weird. And the music was VERY loud. But, my sister looked beautiful, and she was happy, and in the end that is what matters most. Here are some pictures:

My sister, before the ceremony. Looking absolutely beautiful.

B and I during the reception. We were a little bored as loud music isn't our thing. I tried to get a good picture, and this is what he did. Ha.

Me and my sister.

My favorite picture. I took this as they were trying to get one for the photographer. If I had gotten all their heads it would have been perfect. :)

This past weekend was the second big thing, and that was my staff reunion. Before my foray in to subbing, and before I got married, I worked in a job where I had a large staff. The staff I had the last two years became much like my family, and last year before I left, we had a huge gathering at B and my house, which we had just bought at the time. We decided after that to make it a yearly event, which is wonderful because many of us have spread out, so we don't see each other much. B and I spent much of last week preparing the house for everyone arriving, and finally the day arrived. We had a wonderful time barbecuing, playing volleyball, and catching up. Here are some pictures of our reunion:
The staff who could make it (we were missing 3), and Khloe in front of the pond :)

Me with my best friends K and N. N was not technically a part of our staff...but we invited him anyway because the whole staff knows him and it was a good chance for all of us to catch up.

The fire in our newly built firepit. We made smores. :) (Don't mind the feet in the photo)

There was a full moon. This is the beautiful view we had.

This weekend brings what will most likely be my last trip to the farm. I'm not sure how I'm feeling at the moment, although I do know that I am upset that I'll be making it alone, without B, who couldn't get the time off. It will be the close to a very long chapter of my family's history. And it won't be easy. I'll most likely not post until after I get back on Saturday.

Sorry if this post is somewhat scattered! My life has been! But after this weekend my life should be back to normal and so should my posts! :)


Blue said...

i'm a card-carrying member of the post when you want to and don't when you don't camp. just works better that way. the alternative is to let blogging become a chore, a "to do" item...and i can't think of a bigger joykill.

so just know i enjoy when you write, and i'm okay with the space between posts too.

good luck with the farm trip Wolfie! you can do hard things.

ann ominous said...

love the pictures! the full moon is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Girl, i know how it is these days. Busy, busy! Too bad no one came to the wedding. I'm sure it was nice anyway. And i love reunions and gatherings. And especially since you had a fire pit and smores!!!

Hang in there girlie. It's only going to get better :o)

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

You don't live on the farm? How come it's going to be the last time?

I also love that picture of everyone jumping!



Holy Cow! Congrats on making it back to blogging Hahaha Leaving some Friday bloggy love from SITS

Aleta said...

I'm glad to see the post. I was wondering how you were doing, but I totally understand - post when you can. We'll keep coming back!

Sounds like a unique wedding and I love her dress with the splash of red.

How sweet to have your staff over even when you don't work there, that says a lot about you and how much they appreciate you to be there.

Lovely view of the moon.

I hope everything goes well when you go to the farm. You have a lot of memories and emotions invested there. Will be sending prayers...

Dorkys Ramos said...

Sometimes we just need a break from all this to then come back clear headed and fully charged. Great photos and I'm stopping in from SITS :)

Carla said...

I was so excited you commented on my blog. I see I have much to catch up on. How wonderful to join you sister on her big day, and celebrate your time with the staff. Love the firering and the dirty feet. Dirty hands and feet mean a day well spent:)

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