Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Bit Exhausted...

Hello my bloggy friends. I have been MIA. Badly MIA. Summer is proving to be more challenging then I thought. I'm finding it hard to believe that school starts up again soon. Today, I've been trying to start planning for my class that I teach in the fall. Where did summer go? It seems like just yesterday that I was sooo excited for more free time, warm weather and all the fun things that summer brings. Remember the days when it seemed that time went so slowly? I miss those days...

I have been rather tired lately, which has played a part in my not updating much. When tired, I'm not too creative, and not really in the mood to do anything...not even type. I'm hoping this will get better soon. But, who knows?

To update you on all the things I talked about B and I doing...

-Mamma Mia was really quite good. The lead singer was not as good as I would have hoped, but the other cast members made up for it. B really enjoyed it...it was the first time he's seen a play like that. I have a feeling we'll be going to some more in the future.

-I mentioned the fact that we started up with meat goats. A few of you said that you didn't know much about goat meat, or weren't sure you could really raise goats for meat... I know. I've talked on here before about how difficult it is for me to kill any sort of animal. In the past though, my family did raise cattle, and I was ok with it because I distanced myself and never really got attached. We sold the animals that needed to be sold and I had no idea where they went from there. Sure, I had an idea, but it wasn't us doing the killing. It is how I will look at the goats too. We did a bit of research in to goat meat before deciding to take this step. It is actually on the rise in the U.S. as a form of meat, and there is a good market in our area. And believe it or not, goat meat is pretty much the healthiest form of meat out there. I can't say I've tried it...not sure when I will, but I've heard good things about it. So, we are getting started. We've currently got 6 does and 2 billies. We will see what happens with them, and go from there. And believe it or not, we've already had our share of problems. It is amazing how quickly you can learn about goat diseases, etc!

-Chickens! I realize I haven't said much about them in some time. They are pretty much grown up. Our first batch of little ones have started laying. The rest should be laying by September. The chickens continuously make me laugh. When they get hungry, they pretty much attack me and wait for me to feed them. We have 36 right now, but have a few too many roosters, so that number will be going down. I'm still loving the farm fresh eggs and can't really imagine going back to store bought eggs now...

-The horses are doing well. Sugar and Trucker have been behaving and riding quite nicely...for B. I haven't gotten back up yet. We also let our farrier take our thoroughbred for a while for his son. He loves riding Laddie, and we figured it would be good for both the horse and the boy. This way Laddie is getting the exercise he doesn't get while with us at the moment. :) I do miss having the big boy around, but he'll be back by winter I am sure.

-My poor kitty Onyx somehow ended up with a hematoma in his ear. It was the weirdest thing. One day I noticed that he had a bump on his ear, and it just kept getting bigger. His ear started to flop down and we decided it was time to go to the vet. He got surgery today (only way to fix it!), and is currently walking around the house like he is drunk. I have a feeling his ear is going to be permanently damaged because we didn't get it fixed early enough. I guess it adds character, but I do feel bad. We just didn't know any better as to what it was. I'm hoping to post a picture soon.

-All the other animals are doing well. Khloe has gotten humongous and is learning to fetch. Although it has been so hot here lately that playing outside is NOT fun. Humidity is not our friend.

-B and I leave for vacation in a week. We are going to Hawaii. I can't believe it. It is kind of like a late honeymoon for us.

I hope everyone is well. I've still been visiting your blogs, just not commenting as much as I should. I promise to start up again as soon as I get my energy back!


Donn24g said...

o my gosh, HAWAII!! That is one reason to give yourself a pick-up and not be tired. How long will you be there? I cant wait to hear all about it! You need to tell me what you saw and did because i am going there on my honeymoon:) I am really excited for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope Onyx gets better soon!

Yankee Girl said...

Visiting from SITS and wanted to say hi!

I too remember when summer seemed to be endless. They used to feel like the old Country Time Lemonage commercials. Now they fly by so quickly that I can't even figure out what I did with all the time. It just seemed to evaporate.

I just added you to my reader and I look forward to reading more!

Eva Gallant said...

I remember those days. . .end of summer and back to school. I was a high school teacher for 17 years.

just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Aleta said...

OH OH OH OH OH - Hawaii?!!!!! Where are you going? My family was thinking about a cruise to Hawaii sort of thing. Not "to Hawaii" but the cruise around the island sort of thing. Maybe next year, well, it might be a pipe dream, but so cool to dream. Take good notes on what all you see there and blog, blog, blog!!!!

Ok, goat meat. Well, I've tried alligator meat (yes, it taste just like chicken). Another blogger ate a buffalo burger and yes it was REAL buffalo. So, I guess there's all sorts of meats available out there, but no, never tried goat.

Ohhhhhh, fresh farm eggs. I'm jealous! My grandmother used to have chickens and oh my gosh, those eggs ARE the absolute - BEST!

Sorry about your cat. Poor thing. I hope Onyx will be Ok and no damages done.

Have a great time in Hawaii. Come back relaxed and happy!!

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