Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling A Little Blue...

Well...I was going to post about my job today. I never really posted about it. Just as I was getting ready to click the "New Post" button, B made a phone call that changed my mood and my post topic.

When I got home from teaching my class, B surprised me by saying that he may have found someone that would take our older horses. Now, this was news to me because I didn't know that we were looking to get rid of them. First off, we were just fostering Teddy, so we couldn't very well get rid of him without figuring out whether we were allowed. I'll admit that I didn't think I was going to ride Teddy again after he threw me...not because I am scared to ride, but he has become extremely aggressive and kinda mean as of late. I didn't really like his attitude under the saddle, and felt that maybe he needed a more experienced rider then me. But still. He and Laddy (our other older horse) are best buddies, and I wanted to find another horse before we decided what to do with Teddy. But B is worried about costs, because we are headed up to my other property this weekend, and may be bringing back my three other horses (at the very least, we are bringing back one). He doesn't want to be responsible for 7 horses. I understand that. But as far as I knew, we weren't bringing all 3 back and not to mention, the other 3 are not broke, and are very young (2.5). I definitely am not getting rid of the only 2 horses I am able to ride. So, needless to say, I was not happy with this news he just decided to throw at me and let him know.

Well, he decides to call the place we are fostering Teddy for to ask them what exactly we are doing with him. Turns out, they want to come and pick him up tomorrow because they want to give him to an equestrian team. They were supposively going to call us tomorrow and tell us they wanted to come and get him. So, it seems we are losing Teddy tomorrow. He is going to a new home. Which, was bound to happen, but it seems so quick. I've had no time to adjust. And I'm terrible at letting my animals go. I love each and every animal that is on our farm dearly, and they mean so much to me. It takes a lot of me to let them go...which may be a bad thing, but it is the way I am. The only good news from this phone call is that we will no longer be getting rid of two animals...that's for sure. Laddy will be staying with us. But Teddy will be leaving...

I feel sorry for Laddy, who is going to miss Teddy terribly. I am going to miss seeing him outside the window...his grey body is so noticeable at night. Regardless of the fact that he threw me, he is a good horse...he is in so many of our wedding pictures and he loved attention. And food. I'm sorry to see him go.

Me and Teddy, right after he first arrived at the farm
It was good knowing you... :(


Aleta said...

Your post made me want to cry. I love animals. I've never owned a horse, but I think they are magnificent animals. They seem to reflect the spirit of those who ride them. I'm so sorry you are having to give up 2 of yours. My heart goes out to you...

ann ominous said...


My horse is currently boarded at a friend of my parents in Dayton. I see him hardly ever and hate it. My mom keeps telling me I should sell him, but I just can't. She doesn't understand what it means to me. I like the arrangement I have right now because I can visit whenever I have time and the cost is minimal to keep him there. I wish that he would get ridden, but that's a bit too much to ask them I think.
Eventually, I hope to find somewhere closer where I can keep him. It's just so freaking expensive up here.

I am glad that you were able to foster a horse that needed it. They are amazing creatures. It sounds like Teddy will be with people who can handle his fiestyness (feistiness?) and will have a good life with a lot of activity. Spend some extra time with Laddy and love on him a'll make you both feel better!

Blue said...

my MIL is a horsy person and a seasoned rider her whole life. when i met her she had this pair of gorgeous white arabian boys. kaliel and steel were their names, and they were the best animal friends of her life. and this coming from the TRUE real-life snow white!

alas, they've both died in the past few years...which has really taken a toll on her spirit. she's tried in vain to find replacements for them...horses she knew she could put her grandkids on and just do nothing but enjoy, but so far no luck. in fact, when she finally found the horse (i believe it was a national search, too!) that would allegedly be everything she was hoping for, it actually ended up being a disaster on her first ride. she ended up in a body cast for 3 months with 4 broken bones in her back, and her hip bone torn off her ligaments. it was a nightmare. this happened on the very day we moved to Utah...what a crazy experience that was! (she lives 90 minutes away).

i'm feeling a little blue today...and not the Blue kind of blue. but i'm not going to get into it right now. i wish i had some pie! wouldn't that be yummy!

lets both hang in there!

Donn24g said...

awww I am sorry about the saddness. I have never owned a horse, but I know what it feels like to have an animal be a part of your family. It hurts, my heart goes out to you too.

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