Monday, October 6, 2008

RIP Pleco

B and I came home Saturday night to find my Pleco fish floating in not quite the right way. He had been sick for a few days, and I had tried to help him out, but I had no idea what to do...I think it was just old age. I had my Pleco fish for over 4 years...the longest I have had any fish (except for those still in the tank where Pleco lived...they were bought at the same time). He grew from about an inch long when I first got him, to over 6 inches at his death. It feels weird to look in the tank and not see him stuck to the glass sucking away...

Anyway, I mention this because having a fish for 4 years was simply amazing to me. Before this fish (and his tankmates), the longest I ever had a fish was for a little over a year. I always wanted to have a fish tank full of lively fish that lived a long time...but for some reason, it never happened. And I've been trying pretty regularly since I was about 12. So, the success of this fish and the others is pretty meaningful to me, as silly as it sounds.

Fish really do live a long time, and it is possible to help them live a long time! (Just don't ask me how...)

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ann ominous said...

loved your wedding post. i think your pics were gorgeous and B looked very happy and handsome :-)

don't flash those pics round campus too much! he's already got quite the cult following with the RA staff :-)

sorry bout the fishy :-(. I can't keep fish alive any longer than i can keep potted plants alive.

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