Friday, August 22, 2008


I recently catfished for the first time. I must is an interesting experience. I've fished for quite some time now...and am used to constantly reeling in the line and casting back out. With catfishing, you have to just sit and wait, which, while nice, can also be very anti-climatic.

Probably the most interesting things I learned while catfishing? It is almost impossible to get a hook out of a catfish once snared. They swallow the dang things and they get stuck...which means they get their heads chopped off (not a fan of this) and can't get tossed back in like we normally do with fish. Did you know when you cut off a fish head, the fish keeps breathing even though it's dead? I can't say that was a fun thing to learn...


ann ominous said...

have you ever watched the TV specials on the people who go "Noodling?"

Please do not try this at home...but you should look it up. I can't believe people fish for catfish that way.

Wolf Lover said...

i have seen the noodling technique on tv and wouldn't try it for the life of me! b got stung the other day by one of the tenticles on the fish (went through his glove) and it made him bleed, so i wouldn't even want to think what would happen trying to catch them without the hook...with my hands.

no thanks!

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