Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night B and I actually watched part of the Olympics. It is strange, because typically I watch non-stop...I guess the busy life of the new house and the animals has kept me from really watching this time.

In my past life, I was a figure skater with dreams of going to the Olympics. It was something I dreamed about for years...and was a dream that probably could have been attained had I stuck on the path. I've realized since I quit (almost 10 years ago) that the dream never really dies. I'd give anything to go. I actually get quite emotional still when I watch because of the fact that it was something I worked for for so long. So, I guess as I was watching last night and seeing people cry at their performances...because on that one day they didn't do what they could have done...I didn't really feel bad. I know it is a let down...I remember the days of competitions and hating the feeling of knowing if only you had done this, or landed that, that maybe you would have won like you were supposed too... But these athletes are getting the opportunity to participate in something that so few people get to participate in, but that so many people dream of. I sometimes think that maybe that is forgotten in the quest to win gold. The experience is should be enjoyed over everything else. I wonder how many of the athletes that are there really realize how lucky they are?

I would like to give props to Shawn Johnson though, who despite the disappointment I am sure she was feeling at not winning gold, continued to talk about how she won silver and was so grateful for being able to do so. It is not easy for anyone to do that, much less a 16-year old who had the weight of a country on her shoulders.

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