Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ever Notice...

how when you take a spill/get hurt, it sometimes seems that it can't stop happening? Well, that seems to be this past week for me. I am not normally accident prone, but in the last 7 days, I have been bucked off a horse, drug by a dog, bit by a wolf, stung by a bee and stubbed my toe on a curb. I am in quite a bit of pain, I will say, and cannot believe that with a month before the wedding, I decided to get so banged up. I am crossing my fingers that the scabs and scars disappear beforehand... So, I have been making my way around with a sprained ankle, scraped up arm and hurt back from the horse incident...and wouldn't you know that two days later I have Kaos out in order to help bring Cynder back and he gets freaked out by one of the other dogs, bolts and takes me with him. I just so happen to fall on my face and scrap up my arm in the SAME spot, and create more scrapes on my hip and leg. Ha. Well, if that wasn't enough, in the process of trying to get Cynder back, I jokingly put my hand out with food in it...never thinking she would come and take it out of my hand...but yup. So, now I have a huge thumb and cut down my thumb. And well, I guess bees decided to add to my pain and stung me. And then today, I stub my toe. Soooo, I guess the fact I haven't been so accident-prone caught up with me this past week...and I'm starting to think, maybe I should stay inside for a few weeks in order to be ok...

How many people can say they've been bitten by a wolf? Not too many I would guess. :) I won't gross you out and show you the pictures of my other injuries... :)

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ann ominous said...

murphy's law is in full force for the entire month leading up to weddings.

the month before my wedding a room in Tiffin caught on fire, i sprained my ankle and got pink eye and a sinus infection.

concealer works wonders for wedding pics :-) and many times the photographer can airbrush out any scrapes :-)!


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