Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sloppy Joes

Tonight in the Wolf Lover household we had Sloppy Joes for dinner. Sloppy Joes are one of our favorites, and I make them about every other week. They are quick and tasty and not made from a can. I used to make them all the time for my staff at my old job, and they went over well with everyone, except for those that didn't eat meat... :)

I thought I'd share the recipe, as it seems that a lot of people just use Manwich anymore, and I don't think you have to do that. It take just about as long to use Manwich as it does my simple recipe.


Ground Beef
Brown Sugar
Worchester Sauce
Sandwich or Hamburger Buns


Cook meat until done. Drain off fat. Add ketchup, brown sugar and worchester sauce to taste.

Ok, so I know I don't give any indication of how much you should put in to the recipe...but I don't honestly know. I do it until it tastes right. I can tell you this much put in A LOT of ketchup and about 3 tablespoons or so of brown sugar. I usually count to 10 while pouring in the worchester sauce. This is all for 1 pound of meat. The important thing to note is that you need enough ketchup to cover the meat. Then add some worchester sauce to thin it up and make it a bit more runny and the brown sugar to add some sweetness. I'm sure you could probably add veggies too if you would like (I don't). I used to make this for 20 people to have several servings and imagine what it was like to cut back the first time and get the mixture right.

Good luck, hope you find the perfect taste, and sorry if you don't. You won't know unless you try though!

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Blue said...

Hi Wolf Lover!
Thanks for the note. I have a "Recipes" label on my blog where you can find all the recipes or posts I've mentioned cooking in. I am no gourmet, although I once was offered a million dollar contract to be a celebrity chef's cooking show co-host (a long story that will end up in my book someday). I'm just a regular, busy mom and wife but somethings are just too scrumdiddilyumptious to not share. So you're welcome to visit and sort by the label "Recipes" to see them all in one place.

Good job on your blog so far! I was start and stop for the first few years of my first blog. It's been fun to make the habit though. Good luck with the wolf pup!

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