Friday, August 29, 2008

We got her!

We got her! We GOT HER! I don't have much time to write, as I am headed out to another training session this morning... but... I saw her yesterday morning and she was hungry and attention deprived. Seemed B was probably right when he said she was hunkered down hiding from the rain (of course I don't have such a sunny outlook, so I think the worse)... I messed with her for a few minutes, but had to leave, and ended up being late anyway because I was so stuck on the fact she was back and wanted to make sure she returned...

I called B on my way in and let him know I had seen her, so when he got back from work, he set the traps...and waited. I came back and he hadn't seen her all day... and I went out looking for her and she didn't come out again. Grr... I thought, but she had to know we had food. She'd be back.

Well, this morning B comes crashing in... "I GOT HER!" I think I fell off the bed I was so surprised (at both what he said and the crashing in). She is sore on her foot from the trap. We don't know how long she was trapped, so that isn't good. But she is in the kennel. And by goodness if she doesn't stay in there this time I think we've got problems.

Thanks for all the good lucks!! :)

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Blue said...

Welcome home little Houdini!

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