Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Done...

Well, I am officially done teaching my class for the year. Every year I say I won't ever teach it again because it can be so frustrating...but...I always end up going back. All I have left to do is grade the rest of the papers they turned in (which is going to take me a bit because I got behind when I got sick) and turn in the grades.

I mentioned before that I am surprised by what 18-year olds are doing nowadays, and I continue to be. I guess I must be becoming the old fart I never wanted to be. I always thought that the fact I was young looking, not really THAT old and surrounded by college students meant that I was in tune...but my experiences as a child and teenager were much different then the average person, and in reality, I was probably never in tune (I was such a goody-goody!).

It frustrates me to see that this is our future, and I hope they change. It also scares me for if I have kids. I don't want them to be druggies or drink a lot or have sex when they are in middle school. It amazes me how quickly things can change in our world and how accepted things can become that were once so Taboo. Sometimes it makes me just want to stay in my own little piece of the world and shelter I'm not so shocked.

With the end of the class I was hoping for more free time. Traditionally, around this time, I would be getting ready for a six-week break...where I would spend the majority of the time selling Christmas trees. I am not doing that for the first time this year, which is sad and I'm not sure how I am going to handle it yet. The free time I was hoping for will most likely not come, as I will likely pick up more hours at work (I'm hoping to know my schedule it wrong to hope I don't pick up more hours?). There is just so much else I want to do. I want to get the house unpacked and the rooms finished. I want to work with the little horses to get them used to loading in to the trailer and unloading. I want to sit with the wolf pups and I want to read some books. I want to find a job that I actually that maybe then I won't mind spending half my day there.

Mostly I want to understand what the heck I'm supposed to be doing with my life!!


Debbie said...

A mom of four doesn't want to hear about what you are seeing in your classroom! No, I know what is out there. My kids are great but I do worry about the oldest ones heading off to college next year. I just want to shelter and protect them forever.
BTW - you were a gorgeous bride.

Aleta said...

I was a goody-goody growing up and Greg still claims me to be naive in ways. I don't mind. I'd rather be naive still as an adult than to know things far too early in life. My Mom teaches the 5th grade and the stories she comes home with - pretty darn scary.

Children don't hold on to their innocence as much these days, because they have television shoes and Internet teaching them things parents aren't ready to talk about. IF the parents are even there TO TALK to the children. Having two incomes is needed to live, but it takes away from being able to raise children, give them the attention that they need, etc.

I was fortunate. My Mom didn't start teaching until after I went to the first grade. I could ramble on and on about this subject, but I imagine the comment section has some limit. Lol.

Best of luck to you. And like you, Mom says she will one day not return to teaching. (She retired for half a day and is now a "retired returned" teacher.) She loves her work.

ann ominous said...

i was uncomfortable when my barbies were naked when i was in middle school.

i would die in this generation.

Donn24g said...

I know you are not alone in your search, I question what I should be doing every morning when I wake up. You are talented, smart and beautiful, it will come in time.

As for the youth of today? I would die in this generation too!

Jess said...

I wouldn't worry about the youth of today. They can take care of themselves.
I can probably understand pain from a teachers point of view.

Lump said...

you have so much patience to be a teacher. very envious.

I often ask myself what I'm supposed to be doing with my life too.

heathersister said...

What class do you teach?

Don't worry. You will figure it out.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I appreciate you letting me know that my Kroger post helped you means a lot when I hear that from my readers. :-)

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