Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Deer Carcasses

Sundays are my day to go grocery shopping. Today was no exception. I got up with B (even though I have not been feeling well the last few days...hence the lack of posts) and went in to our local Kroger. We have a few grocery stores in our area, and a Super WalMart, but I have always chosen to shop at Kroger...I always felt it wasn't that much more expensive, and the fuel rewards sure were nice as gas prices were skyrocketing.

Today though, I was slightly disillusioned. I have been trying to be more frugal the last month or so when it comes to our grocery purchases...been clipping coupons and paying attention to items that are on sale. I'd love to one day be able to save more then I spend...but that day is probably a ways away. Anyway. I have been saving quite a bit when I have been shopping...around $50 every time, but I am still spending over $100...a week. For two people. That is WAY too much. Now granted I have been trying to stock my pantry (and freezer...we have lots of meat, bread, Gatorade and canned veggies), and trying to get stocked up on cleaning supplies...but I don't think I need to be in the $100 range every week. My goal is to spend $50 a week and no more. I have no idea how to get that low. But am thinking meal planning will be my next step. And sticking to only the things we absolutely NEED for the upcoming week.

So, why am I going on and on about this? Well, I was excited about the 10 for $10 sale at Kroger the last few weeks. Lots of stuff on sale. Like Gatorade. Today was the last day Gatorade was on sale, so I stocked up. I paid for my stuff (was unhappy with how much I spent, even though I saved so much), took it to the car and then went to Walmart to pick up chicken for the wolf pups. Well, on my way to get the chicken, I saw Gatorade in Walmart. I decided to take a quick price check. Well, wouldn't you know. Gatorade was $.98! And it wasn't on sale. $.02 cheaper than the sale price at Kroger! $.07 cheaper then the regular price.

Ok, so I know that $.02 is not a lot. But that makes me wonder how many other things at Walmart are much cheaper. And if it really is worth the gas savings to shop at Kroger. What do you think? Is it worth shopping at Kroger for the gas savings, or would Walmart save me enough on groceries that it erases the gas savings?

So you may be wondering why Deer Carcasses is in the title of the post. Well, that is something else that applies to being more frugal. We have to feed the wolf pups chicken (meat really, but bulk chicken seems to be the cheapest), and chicken and meat in general, is not very cheap. Especially not in the amounts we have to buy it. We have always known that a lot of people who have wolves feed them deer. We put our name on the deer kill list (for those of you who don't know, this is a list of people that they call when someone hits a deer on the road) a few months ago and never heard anything. B found out a few days ago that if we found a deer we could just take it as long as we notified the proper people, so we no longer had to wait to be called. Well, B comes home today. And he has a deer. Now I don't do well with dead things. Granted, I may be a "farm girl," but we never killed our animals or hunted. So that was not a part of my life growing up. I cry if I hit an animal on the road, and just don't deal well with death in general. So even though I was happy we had a deer...I was not too sure I wanted to be a part of it. I challenged myself to stay as B cut it and got the meat. It was not easy. I did not like the smell. I did not like to see the dead animal. But, at least it in his death, the deer was providing for another animal and not going to waste.

The wolves loved the meat. And from the deer, we got enough meat for them for the next 10 days. I'm sure they are going to like the break from chicken! :)


ann ominous said...

Sometimes walmart was super cheap compared to Krogers when I was there...and then there were things that were just as or more expensive. I like their bulk items (walmart's.) They had huge bags of pancakes and chicken that we would get and then we'd do our produce shopping at the Kroger since their quality was better.

I tended to shop at Krogers on principle...everytime I went to Walmart I would leave frustrated.

Aleta said...

You're stronger than I would have been ~ I'm a city girl, so seeing a dead deer would upset me greatly. I love animals. But as you said, at least it went towards the feeding of your wolves.

I know a friend who will go to 4 different groceries stores to get the best price. When gas prices went up, she cut back to 2 stores.

For me, the key to keeping a reasonable cost ~ get a list and stick to it. If you go with someone, cut the list in half. This gives both people something to do and cuts the shopping time in half as well!

Ivy Lane said...

OMG! You are one brave gal! I could not have handled the deer cutting etc... The wolf pups are probably loving it though!

There are just my hubby and myself here...I have been cooking enough each meal to freeze some left overs for later..been shopping alot at the farmer's markets all summer and buying fruits and veggies in season.. saved us a TON of money... I have never had the tenacity to sit and clip coupons or be so aware of prices between grocery stores.. I just stick to 1 store and watch the budget when I go in to shop... just my .02 cents!! :)

heathersister said...

I shop at Walmart more than Kroger. Much better prices!

I can't even get the deer thing, city girl. You can look at that as a big money saver thought, right?

KDLOST said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i really enjoyed this post. girl, i think the same thing weekly. i end up shopping at walmart, because it is cheaper (but i hate it!)...for the most part, but sometimes i do tend to find deals at other places.

i am gonna bookmark you! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

As much as I hate shopping at Walmart, I DO shop there anyway. With the exception of meat, I buy all my groceries and household stuff there. We're lucky enough to be able to shop at the military commissary for meat; great selection and prices for it.

I like the way you write and enjoy your blog very much!!

Long live DANIEL CRAIG!!!! LOL!

I post pretty much daily, so come on over anytime you feel like it!


Anonymous said...

I taggety-tagged you!

Riayn said...

My fur-kids would love some deer. I am betting your fur-kids felt the same. :)

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