Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Savings!

Here is how the shopping trip went this week...not as amazing as last week (how could it be when last week was Kroger's MEGA-sale?), but I am still happy with how I did. I saved more then I typically would, and if I had been paying better attention (I'll explain in a second), I would have been much closer to my $50 grocery goal then I was.

Ok, to start, I was lucky enough to come across a blog that mentioned a $4 off Purina cat food coupon and a $2 off Goody Ouchless hair tie coupon. The blog mentioned that if you went to Walmart, the items would be free or close to free. Turns out my Walmart is a little more pricey then hers, but still, I got the following items:

for a total of $4.66! I saved $12.00. And, to make things better, I have a mail in rebate on the chapstick, so I actually I spent $2.12. B and I typically get our catfood bulk because we have so many cats to feed, but how can you resist 3.5lbs of catfood for $.78? And I'm really happy about the hairties, because I am using my last one...I lost the rest that I had in our move.

CVS this week had a lot of interesting deals. I am trying not to spend over $20 out of pocket (oop) at CVS each week, although I made an exception this week because of the opportunity to earn ECBs. I see a lot of people buying things that they don't need at CVS just because it gives them an opportunity to make equal or more in ECBs...but I don't want things I can't eventually use. So, I might have a more difficult time mastering the ECB program then I thought...but this is only my second week, so I'm giving it time! Ok, I bought:

for a total of $22.93. I saved...$31.30 through coupons and use of my ECBs from last week and my first stop this week (I didn't buy enough batteries the first stop to get the ECB I went back today...pictured and talked about though is my ENTIRE CVS purchase for the week...and it turns out it was a good thing I didn't buy enough, I used my ECBs from the first stop to pay for most of my purchase on the second stop!). Are these items necessities? No. But, they are things that B and I will use eventually and it doesn't hurt to have them. I now have $20 in ECBs...which means in reality, I only paid $2.93 I guess. Although, in reality, the ECBs don't count since I'll be talking about how I saved using them next week! Confusing...

My last stop was of course, Kroger. I bought all of this:

for $71.26. And saved $56.28. Sooo....I spent more then I saved. BUT. I'm not disappointed. I'm still much lower then my old $100 orso a week. And, some of it was my own stupidity. I bought the wrong size pumpkin because I wasn't paying attention...which makes a big difference purchasing the wrong size cost me $3.00. I paid $2.00 a can rather then $.50... I also bought Ritz when they weren't on sale and I only had a coupon...and I probably didn't need to buy the Oscar Mayer bacon that was BOGO after I found the $.99 bacon (manager's those tags since I don't care since I just freeze anyway!), but I decided to get it because bacon is not BOGO very often and I've NEVER seen the $.99 bacon before...and I look for it (and technically, I saved another $10 by buying the manager's special just doesn't show up as savings when you get rung up)! I was excited to get both the Cottonelle and the Duncan Hines cake for free though. I love free stuff!

So all in all, this week I spent $98.85 (less then last week!!!) and saved $99.58! I still saved more then I spent! Whoo!

Let me know if you find any deals...and I strongly encourage you to check out my frequently visited blogs...they are where I find most of the deals and coupons (in addition to the ones I clip from the Sunday paper), as well as ideas of how to combine all offers to get the lowest price! Good Luck!


Kristina P. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I need to go grocery shopping with you. You found some great deals!

I will be back!

Karin Katherine said...

Wow, you are good with the deals!

Casey's trio said...

I love getting a good deal and it looks like you got plenty of thise this weekend! Wanted to say thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my SITS day:)

heathersister said...

Good job. Keep it up if you have the time to do it.

Glad to hear you saw Twilight AND bought the book. You won't be sorry. Want to know what you think about it!! Let me know.

Donn24g said...

WOW, you are good!! I need to start paying closer attention when you post about coupon clipping...

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