Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm a Slacker

Seriously. I haven't been updating my blog well at all the last few weeks. In all honesty, I have been a bit busy... Not only was I sick with the dreaded cold for over 3 weeks, but I had to grade papers (and I was VERY behind since I was sick) and I also picked up some more hours at work. After this week though...my life will become a little more boring.

Why is that? Well...I mentioned a little while ago that I had quit my job. I gave my bosses two months notice. In reality, I wanted to quit then and there (as we all know how much I really love this job....), but I know during December they are short staffed, and I didn't feel it would be right to do so. So I decided to stick it out until right before Christmas. Well, it seems I didn't have to do that. We got the schedule for December, and my hours have been cut in half. Some weeks, more then half. I feel as if I am being punished for quitting. Some days, I don't go in until 3:00pm and work until 5:00pm. What is the point of that? There really is no point. In fact, it takes me 25 minutes to drive in to work. I feel like it is a waste of gas and my time. But, I am too nice to go in and tell them that it is BS and I shouldn't even bother. Not only did they cut my hours back, but they took me out of the one room where I knew all the kids and moved me to a different one where I don't know any of the kids. I guess I can say without a doubt that I made the right decision in quitting. I just wish now that I had the balls to tell them that unless I have more hours, I don't want to come back after Thanksgiving. I guess I'm not really sure what kind of people feel it is ok to cut a person's hours back without telling them...and also think it is feasible for people to come in in the middle of the afternoon for such a short time. I quit because it was not the right job for me...I wasn't happy...it was a pain in the behind...and the people I worked for were not too pleasant. But I guess the right thing to do would have been to stay right? Not give them notice?

Who knows. I can't say I'm not happy for a little free time. I just don't like feeling like I'm wasting my time, which is what I will be doing several days over the next month as I drive for an hour...to work two. Ugh.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll have some more time and motivation to post now that I'll be home more...and not coming home exhausted and in need of just plain old me time!


Donn24g said...

I would be very frustrated too! I am just like you, though, and wouldnt say anything because I am a little too 'nice.' I hope you can make the most of your last few weeks, it will go by fast, I am confident you can:) And besides, it's almsot christmas time!!

Anonymous said...

Employers can be frustrating sometimes. I gave a two week notice at my last job on a friday, and on the following monday they told me to leave and watched me pack my things as if i was going to steal something! Just awful! At least you still have some hours.

heathersister said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

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