Monday, January 19, 2009

And the Winner Is...

So, I've been kind of lax about posting the last few days. I spent a few days with my hubby and yesterday and today, I haven't had a desire to write much. Give me a bit. I go through periods of writers block every once in a while. :)

My lax in blogging means that I was behind in my posting the winner of my giveaway. But never fear, I did finally figure out who won! :) In all, there were 44 total eligible comments. I had to delete double comments, and a few people came in after the contest was over (sorry, but I couldn't count you!). I went to and used the random number integer. Would you believe it spit out 44? That means that Dani over at My House of Munchkins is the winner! She has one week from today to contact me. If she doesn't number 37 will be the next lucky person.

Thanks for participating in my first giveaway everyone! I appreciate it, and think that since it was such a success, I may just have to do a few more!


Mama Wheaton said...

I'm sorry I didn't win but I'm really gald that it all went well.And congrats to the winner!

Anonymous said...


I always wondered how ppl did the computer generated number! Now I know!

Dani said...

Yeah! Thanks so much! I'm way too excited about this!

Stop by my blog today, It is my 100 post and I'm doing a giveaway!

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