Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, the last week has been quite interesting. I've slowed on the posting and been lacking in responding to comments...I promise, I'll be visiting soon!

This week has been an interesting one if I can call it that... Here are a few things that happened:

- Pop cans exploded in the fridge because of cold weather, and then on the same day, our water went out. It was out for two long days. It finally came back on on Thursday, at which point I had a huge pile of dishes to do (no, not going to show a picture of that!), and we were unhappy to discover that the backflow of water in the pipes made all of our outside water faucets (that are supposed to be freeze free) freeze. That means in order to water all our animals at the house (all dogs and two of our horses) we would have to haul water up from the barn.
- I made Pineapple Upside Down Cake for the first time and yum! It was good! It was only the second time I have attempted making a cake from scratch (the first time was a disaster and happened close to 10 years ago). I followed a recipe I found here and recommend it to anyone who likes pineapple and cake. :)
- On Friday, B and I took advantage of the 50 degree weather to work some more on the fence in the far pasture. We want to get the horses out there bad. We finished everything, except for tightening one section of the fence. We put the horses out, and wouldn't you know, of course one of them finds that section and gets out (one thing about horses...they always find the weak spot in the fence...). Who knows when we'll be able to get to tighten that part of the fence...
- After spending all day Friday working on the fence, B and I go to water the horses and put them up for the night. We flip the switch in the barn...and no power. We call the power company and they tell us they would love to help, but their system is down. Sigh. We called back Saturday and turns out there was a mistake back when we bought the house in May and they never transferred the barn account to our name. So, they turned the power off on Friday. We can't get power back until Monday. This means that for the last 3 days, we've had no running water outside, as the barn water runs off a pump that needs electricity. Today and tomorrow, we are using a spring to fill buckets (if the spring dries up or freezes, I might just call it quits!)
- Yesterday was my friends husband's funeral. It was difficult. It was sad. And I cried. I just feel so badly for her and her the loss she is what they are going through. I wish I could take her pain away...
- I found out yesterday that my substitute teaching application has finally been approved. That means I may actually start working again soon. Maybe as soon as Monday. That means posting won't be as frequent, that's for sure. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On a whole, it is good to get out of the house and bring in some extra money. Substituting also gives me the much needed flexibility that I desire...I like being able to take days off when B is off and not having to worry about it. But, I also like being home all the time. Having the time to get things done and being able to spend time with the animals. I shouldn't complain. I don't have it that rough in terms of the job thing. It is just so hard when I still am not sure what I am supposed to be doing with myself!

That was my week in a nutshell. It got kinda crazy there for a bit, and I'm wondering if our house is done falling apart (crossing my fingers that it is...). Hopefully next week will present a calmer, less disaster filled week!

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Mama Wheaton said...

You seemed very calm to me through out the whole ordeal. I am going to college to be a teacher, I think mext semester I will set my classes up so I can substitute as well. I am very sure that the spring won't freeze(just cuz) and that this week will be much better!

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