Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Savings!

Ok, new month, new budget. I'm really happy with how I did this week, despite some math errors with my CVS purchase (sometimes, I wonder about myself), and despite the fact there weren't the most amazing deals out there.

My first stop of the week was CVS. I've been going earlier in the week in order to hopefully get the good deals, as it seems when I went on Saturday's that I often missed out. I bought the following:

for $1.22. I saved $26.85! I probably could have knocked another $1.00 off if I had done my addition right, but oh well. :) B and I have so much toothpaste that I've been trying to give some of it away! But, it is hard to pass up a money maker. Again, you can find a $1.50 off coupon on the last page of this link.

At Walmart I got the following (plus a 6-pack of water that I accidentally put in the photo with my Kroger groceries):

for $6.40. I saved $2.20. One of these days I'll find a good coupon for Aquafina and stock up. It kills me every week.

Finally, at Kroger I got the following (minus the 6-pack of water that should be in the Walmart photo):

for $46.23. I saved $49.28!! More then I spent! I was disappointed because a few of my e-coupons didn't work. No idea why. I even double checked them before I went, but oh well. Also, how lucky was I to go on a different day this week and find gatorade for 2/1.00? They are normally $1.05 a piece but for some reason were on Manager's special (and when I went back later in the week, they no longer had any on special...). B and I stocked up. I took advantage of the P&G sale to help earn money towards the coupon booklet, and also was able to find some really nice deals. I got the toothpaste and the Cottonelle for free, and the Ben and Jerry's for $.29 a pint! Don't find that often! We are still really good on meat, so I didn't have to buy any this week.

Overall, my total for the week was $53.85. And I saved $78.33! That's a lot more then I spent!

For those of you coupon clippers, this week is supposed to be an EXCELLENT week for coupons. There should be up to 5 inserts in the paper this week. I'm going to buy two papers to double up on my coupons. I've learned that having two of each coupon is a good help because when you have BOGO deals, you can use 2 coupons. Extra savings!

Happy Shopping!


Mama Wheaton said...

I never thought about using two coupons on the BOGO deals! I did clip coupons this week and used a few. I need to be better at calculating my savings and even buying in bulk more.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm gonna need to learn from you on how to do this!

--Leann-- said...

I have looked into doing the CVS 'thing'. It sounds way too complicated! lol Maybe i'll have to keep reading how other people are able to do it and not lose their mind. tee hee.

poppin on over from sits.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Wow! I feel inspired and want to learn more! In this economy, you've got to do something!

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