Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

Hi. It's me, Wolf. I was just writing to remind you that it is winter know, a time when it is supposed to be cold, and there is supposed to be snow and the ground is supposed to be frozen. Now I know in the past, I have not always been the biggest fan of Winter, and have actually asked for warmer weather to come more quickly and for it not to be so cold my nose hair freezes. But, I can't help but wonder why this year you have decided to overwhelm us with rain.

There has been so much rain this last month that our yard can't handle anymore water and has puddles everywhere. It is muddy everywhere! We had to get more gravel put down on the driveway, and the dogs have been tearing up the lawn...and the horses the pasture. We actually have to wipe the dogs feet every time they come in the house, or else they track mud all the way up the stairs! I'm actually worried we might have a flood in December and that would be something!

Is it to much to ask Mr. Weatherman, to let the ground freeze, as it is supposed to do in winter? To stop with the 50-60 degree weather that is supposed to start in March, and let the ground soak up all this precipitation? I would really appreciate it as B and I have a lot of stuff we'd like to do...and this rain and mud is not making it very easy.

Thank you so much,



Tiffany said...

I agree - this rainy, gray stuff is not fun. We had a great Christmas gift of a sunny day, but today it's back to rain and heavy gray. If this keeps up, it will be a loooong winter.

Anonymous said...

I know we need the rain but i agree! It's too much. There's hardly any sunny days anymore. We might as well live in Seattle!

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