Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Savings!

Time for the weekly grocery shopping post. I didn't do as well today as I would have liked. Bargains were scarce this week...perhaps because this coming week will have REALLY good sales because it is the holiday week (I know CVS will be having a nice sale tomorrow and Monday). Good news is that I did get to return the deodorant that I made a mistake on last week, so that makes me happy.

Ok, at CVS, I got the following:

for .62. Gotta love tax. I saved $7.39. I earned $4.00 in ECBs after spending only $2.59. Nice thing is that I have $19.98 in ECBs for the huge sale that starts tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what I can find...I still have a hard time buying anything that B and I won't really use. Although we sure have a huge stock of toothpaste now. Hard not to keep buying it when they give you $2.00 in ECBs and you can get the toothpaste for $1.49. I'm able to get it so low by using the coupon found here (and you can print a never ending supply!).

At Walmart I got the following:
for $9.29. I saved $3.75 Of course, the water never helps. I probably could have done without the cleaners, but I needed toilet bowl cleaner and I had a coupon about to expire. And the Resolve is something we use around the house often, and my last coupon for that was about to expire. So, I decided to use them.

Finally, at Kroger I got the following:

for $48.22. I saved $36.58. One thing I was not happy about is the e-coupon I uploaded to my card for the Goody Ouchless didn't work. I lost a dollar there. I got the Cottonelle again for free plus an additional $.50, and there was such a good deal on Chicken that I had to buy more. We should be good on meat for at least the next two weeks, so that will help me stay low on my budget/get more things (as it typically takes up about 30-40% of my budget). I want to know when apples became so expensive?!? $2.29/lb! Good thing I love my husband, or I might not have gotten them. Not a fan of paying so much.

My total for today was $58.13. Not too far over my goal of getting down to $50 a week. But I am still well within my $300 budget for the month. My total savings was $47.72. I almost saved as much as I spent, but not quite. I'm still doing much better then I was!

Happy shopping and let's hope next week brings some great deals (even if there are no coupon inserts in this week's Sunday paper!).

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Kati Sue* said...

I think you did excellent. My grocery budget each week for a family of 4 is $86.. that is really really hard.. but I am getting pretty good at it!

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