Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Savings!

Ok, I was bad and didn't do a Saturday Savings post last week. But, I didn't get back from my shopping trip until kinda late and I also bought more then normal because we had visitors so I didn't want to post about it. I didn't do very well last week, although still better then I would have done if I hadn't started paying attention to sales, coupons, etc. One thing I did find success at was CVS, where I bought 2 Colgate toothpastes, deodorant and a package of Twizzlers for $.11! That was exciting. :)

Ok, on to this week. I went to CVS first...not expecting to find much in way of deals because I hadn't seen anything in the paper this week that seemed good. I looked for one item that was supposed to have a peelie on it, and when I found it, no peelie. So, I left. I'm hoping next week will bring some better deals. I have over $22 in ECBs to use! :)

My next stop was Walmart, where I bought this:

for a grand total of $4.62! Had I not bought the $3.48 water, it would have been only a about a dollar. I saved $6.72! Now, if only in the future I can find coupons for Aquafina water...every week I pay more then I want to for it...

My last stop was Kroger. I bought this:

for $45.17. And I saved $39.04! I was quite excited to have saved so much because I was not impressed with Krogers deals this week. Nor have I been happy that there have been like zero coupons in the last 2 Sunday papers. I'm crossing my fingers for some better deals next week. However, I still felt like I did relatively well with my purchases...I even bought a few treats for the dogs (had B1G1 coupons and two $1 off coupons) that I wouldn't normally buy.

I think this week's shopping trip was very successful. I spent $49.79 total on all my groceries for the week (under $50!!! Think I can keep that up?) and saved $45.76. Saved almost as much as I spent again!

I have decided on a grocery budget of $300 for the month. I would eventually like to cut it to $200, but I would like to give myself a little time to work that low since I am still new to the couponing and bargaining and used to spend over $400 a month. I don't want to set myself up to fail!

Hope your shopping trips are a success!


Rachel Ann said...

I love your savings! I am trying hard to use coupons and stretch my dollar. I have to agree that the coupons in the Sunday paper the last few weeks haven't been very good!

Happy Shopping

Carrie said...

Thanks for coming by to say hi!

Sometimes Kroger really stinks with the bargains and the coupons have stunk lately...

One of the best things I've done to help cut our grocery costs down was to meal plan. I am not maniacal about it, I just write down meal ideas and then shopping lists based on what I need to buy. When I don't meal plan, I spend three times as much! I'm a big fan of "Ooooh, that looks good. I should buy it!" haha

What A Card said...

I'm always so impressed with people who can do this. Nice!

Lump said...

how on earth do you save that much?? I'm so jealous.

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