Thursday, September 18, 2008

It is getting closer.

In less then 48 hours I will be married. Wow. I feel like time is absolutely flying in my life anymore. I really can't wait to see everything come together. We have finished everything we wanted to get finished and all I have left to do is finish writing my vows.

People keep commenting on the fact that I don't seem nervous at all. I'm not nervous. I know I am getting married to my best friend and the best person for me. I have no reason to be nervous I guess. I asked B today if I was supposed to be freaking out. I've never actually been in a wedding or had a really good friend get married, so I suppose I've never been close enough to see if a person does freak out or not. The thing is, I don't want to stress about getting things done anymore, or the day being absolutely perfect...I know some things probably won't go as planned (like our little pup probably dragging the ring bearer down the aisle), but that is the kind of stuff that will make the day memorable. I can't freak out about getting married...I love B and he loves me.

Tomorrow everything starts arriving. Our house will be full with people getting stuff ready and the smell of good food for the rehearsal. I'm excited. All I have to do tomorrow is turn in some paperwork for the job, give the pup a bath, and get my nails done. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying the company of my best friends and my family.

I can't wait to see everything come together.


ann ominous said...

oh good luck good luck! you are going to have the best weekend ever!

people asked me repeatedly why i wasn't nervous prepping for my wedding...i didn't understand either. why should anyone be nervous or stressed for what's going to be the best day of your life??? (so far).

have the best time ever!

Blue said...
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Blue said...

it's better than a birthday, cause you get to share equally with your favorite person in the world. wo what's not to love?

i'm working this weekend...criss-crossing the country back and forth back and forth. so i'll be smiling down on you from above every time i pass ohio. just think, me and your dad, up there out there celebrating with you on your special day.

enjoy your last day of being wolfy. tomorrow you're Mrs. B!

ann ominous said...

saw your pictures on facebook! you were goooooorgeous! brandon looked very happy :-) congrats again!

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