Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Amazing Maid of Honor

I thought I would tell you all about my best friend K, because she is a very special person, and because I am getting excited about the fact that she is going to be here tomorrow...I haven't seen her in 2 months, which is too long!

This is Me and K. I met K 5 years ago when she was one of my staff members. However, we didn't really become close friends until two years ago, when she once again became my staff member, but was more of my second-in-charge since she was a grad student. K had a very difficult year that year. She had a hard time adjusting to the fact that her best friends were no longer around, and had a harder time with the fact that her grandparents passed away within two months of each other. She was very close to her grandparents and their deaths impacted her greatly. I tried to help her through her grief, and later on, when I was struggling through sadness and a loss of passion for my job, she supported me and took on more work to ease up my life.

K is a very quirky person. She has a fear of water (will not go swimming, or watch water scenes in movies), she hates it when people touch her pens (although she is apparently getting better at this), loves the environment, so she recycles a lot, does the People crossword, and eats organic foods. She loves the Beatles and old movies and television shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and had an addiction to YouTube at one point. She has a wonderful sense of fashion that is all her, and absolutely adores Halloween. K has a way with people...she can just share her experiences in a way that makes people relate to her and trust her.

K makes me laugh and we share a love of ice cream, books and cats. Although we are different in many ways, we are able to talk and listen to each other. I miss her a lot, as she moved away in June to take a job in Michigan. She probably doesn't truly know how grateful I am to her for all she has done for me during our friendship. At a time when I felt lost and unsure and was hurting, she pulled me up and supported me as best she knew how. She helped me through my darkest moments and made me do things she knew would make me laugh.

K recently had her heart broken and has been struggling to adjust to a difficult new job. She has also had a hard time being away from her friends that have now scattered. I know she will make it through, but really wish I could be there for her in person to help her through these times. She deserves nothing more then to be happy and enjoying life.

She is a special person and I just wanted to give a glimpse of all that is her.


Blue said...

great friends are the best.

they'll save your life at some point...if not literally, then certainly figuratively.

i'm glad you have K. and i'm glad K has you.

have a great last wednesday night of being single!

Imperfect said...

Wolf, I am so excited for you! Your wedding is soon! I miss my wedding...I want to go back and do it all over again. Have fun! And thanks for the encouragement yesterday...

mommytoalot said...

She sounds like a great friend.
I am happy to have read about her.
thanks for popping by my blog today..

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