Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's what I've been doing the last few days...long weekend and B had a bit of it off (unlike most people, his job doesn't stop just because it is a holiday...)

You can see the piles in the lawn there...they are from our day lillies. You have to pick the stalks out of the dead flowers... We have WAY too many day lillies I think. Although, if you were to have asked me in the Spring if we had too many day lillies, I would have said no, because they are so beautiful when they are all in bloom at once. But anyway, it's been quite a process. This is what we did this weekend...and it is only ONE section of our yard. We actually have several more to get done before the wedding...as we don't want the yard to look crappy when people are here...or in our pictures.

This is the same section of yard, just the other side, and you can see some of the humongous weeds we pulled out...and threw in our driveway. Ha. It is funny that we have this much gardening to do because neither B or I really know much about gardening. We might downsize in the future...but we don't really have that option right now... I can say that I definately have the bites to show I've been getting down and dirty, and they don't feel that great! But, I'm not complaining because I love to be outside, and I love our house. I think I really needed to get out in the sun (even though it was quite warm!) and get working again. Since I fell off the horse, I've been kinda sedentary and it is difficult for me. So, even though I could definately feel the pain that came with pulling weeds, it was good work, and I enjoyed it.

We also made some modifications to the dog kennel. We added electric wire to the top in hopes that it will discourage Cynder (and eventually Kaos) from climbing/jumping out. We've been told that one zap will teach them and they won't try again, but I'm not sure if I believe it! You can see some of the babies in there now... Jackson, Chief and Kaos up front, and Cynder in the very rear. Believe it or not, Kaos stands almost 5 feet now on his hind legs. As long as he is happy though, I think he'll stay in...it's Cynder we worry about!

The owners to the lost horses also came forward so we got them home, which was nice.

All in all it was a productive weekend, but we have so much left to do, and only 2 1/2 weeks left to do it! Yikes!

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ann ominous said...

:-) If you do take his name it's a good last name at least! It's not like Beth Henke who cannot name her children Lily or Jack as Dustin's last name is Hammers.

Lilly-hammers....Lillehamer site of the Olympics

Jack Hammers....construction tool and or porn star? :-)

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