Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Into the Labyrinth

The sun was shining, but
not bright enough,
my world had become dark.
Obsessions took over,
raced through my mind
with every second.
Voices played like a
tape stuck on repeat,
telling me I wasn't small
enough, I wasn't thin
enough, I didn't look good
Caught inside my mind,
helpless, with no other options
I went to the bathroom,
embraced the porcelain before me,
put my fingers in my mouth,
and reached until they scratched
the back of my throat.
The world turned silent as I
watched the nutrients leave my
body and splash into the abyss below.



Kristen said...

I hope you know how beautiful you are!

Lora said...

wow. powerful.
I've never been brave enough to share my ed writing online. you may inspire me...

Anonymous said...

Poetry can bring out true feelings inside someone.....I hope you're past that stage in your life because that can be hard.

You're gorgeous!

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