Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Savings!

This week was quite good in terms of shopping. Although, I also didn't need as much because we didn't eat a lot of food...B wasn't feeling that good earlier in the week, so I used the shopping trip as a way to stock up on a few items and get a few freebies.

My first stop this week was CVS. I got:

for $.64 cents! I saved $24.98! I got the milk for free! I love free milk! :) I used $15.98 in ECB and earned back $15.49. Not a bad trip.

At Kroger I got:
for $36.56. I saved $41.70!! And bought 35 items! Although Kroger is no longer doing their mega-sale event, they were doing another sale event that allowed you to get $3.00 off if you bought 10 of an item. I probably could have bought another 10 gatorades, but chose not to. I got the Cottonelle, the Buddies soap and the Kleenex for free. The soap was $.18.

So far, I have spent $37.20 this month. That is well under my $50 a week budget. It gives me some wiggle room in the coming weeks as well.

Happy shopping!


ann ominous said...

are those wanchai things good? what are you going to do with all those biscuits!!! also, i think i missed the post where you explained what an ECB was???

how are things going?

Kristen said...

I had an awesome trip to the grocery store this weekend!
They were having triple coupons and I saved more than I spent. I got 2 big tubes of Crest toothpaste for .44 each.
I was so happy all day long and everytime Mr. C pulled something out of the bag I told him how much it was or how much I saved

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